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We believe in mutually-beneficial relationships. We have designed this process to give you (and us) a framework for making an educated and informed decision about working together. You will finish this process knowing exactly where you stand in the key areas of retirement planning.

How We Do Things

(All steps can be done in-person or virtually)


To start, an initial call

First, we’ll have a 15 to 30-minute conversation to talk about what’s on your mind and ensure your situation matches our expertise. After this discussion, we’ll both have a better understanding of how the relationship might work. 


Then, first visit

Getting acquainted. The objective of this meeting is to see what questions you may have and get a clear understanding of your goals, concerns, and unique financial situation.  

We’ll also gather some information to help us generate two complimentary summaries to show you where you are right now.


Second visit: tax clarity

We’ll present your two complimentary reports:

  1. Personalized financial summary
  2. Personalized tax report

These two reports will give you an understanding of where you are and where you’re going. 


Consider your options

Option 1

Just looking:


If you choose not to work with us right now, simply keep your free tax clarity summaries.

Option 2

One-time plan:

Go through our process for a flat fee and get a full retirement plan. You can take this to your current advisor or put it in place yourself. This option may consist of multiple visits.

Option 3

Plan and implement:

Get your retirement plan fee waived if you choose to have our team implement the retirement plan built for you. This option may consist of multiple visits.


Third visit, what needs to be done

We apply years of experience, along with ongoing training and mentoring by the industry’s top experts, to analyze your situation. During this visit, we will explain exactly what you need to do to achieve your financial goals, including the answers to the following three questions: 

  • Are you on track to meet your long-term goals?
  • What will my retirement income be?
  • Can your tax bill be reduced?
  • Can your portfolio be improved?

This is where you will see — in dollars and cents — how our firm can improve your finances. This step could take multiple visits depending on the complexity of your plan. At the end, we will ask you if you would like to proceed with having our firm implement your plan or if you would like to part ways as friends. 


Sleep on it

Prior to deciding whether we should work together, you will want to answer the following questions:

  • Do I like/trust/respect the team at Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors?
  • Will the benefits they provide give me the value I desire?
  • Do I understand and agree with their investment philosophy?
  • Do their recommendations make sense to me?

When you are ready, we will start the process to implement your retirement plan, and we will refund your initial upfront retirement plan fee.

If this process makes sense, let’s talk.