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Retirement Income Planning, Tax Planning, 

& Investment Management 

Every detail comes into play when managing your wealth, and our strategy is strongest when your complete financial picture is taken into consideration.

Our Mission: Help You Get The Most Out Of Life In Retirement

Here are the questions we can help you answer:

  • Am I invested in the ‘right stuff’?
  • How can I reduce my lifetime tax liabilities?  Am I sitting on a ‘tax bomb’?
  • Can my assets get me to and through retirement?
  • Do I have enough money for retirement?
  • What should I do if I have a large, unexpected expense to pay for?
  • If something happens to me, how will I ensure my spouse (family) is cared for?
  • How do I turn my nest egg into an income stream in retirement without paying too much in taxes?

We have the knowledge & tools that can help you:

  • Determine the least amount you should be paying in taxes
  • Understand how our tax code is designed to syphon more taxes from your nest egg in retirement
  • Estimate your tax liabilities 
  • Organize all your finances
  • Invest properly for retirement

This is what we do:

  • Determine your possible income amounts and options for your retirement 
  • Run tax projections and estimate your annual and lifetime tax liability
  • Consider opportunities to minimize your taxes
  • Analyze your investments and tax returns to determine your tax planning opportunities
  • Include tax preparation and filing services for most households. This provides an even higher level of coordinated, in-house service to limit lifetime tax liabilities
  • Risk management: ensure your investments are aligned with your goals and objectives
  • Determine Income Stability 
  • Asset allocation and location to minimize tax drag in investments in account types
  • Implement our Guardrail investment and dynamic withdrawal process to mitigate sequence of return risk
  • Consider Roth conversions to manage future tax liabilities
  • Provide your family, spouse, or heirs with a reliable professional support system in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Our Investment Philosophy

We construct equity, balanced and fixed income portfolios for individuals and institutions to achieve your goals.  

  • Focus on what we can control
  • Manage emotions
  • Diversify
  • Avoid market timing while remaining mindful of valuations
  • Let markets work for you
  • Own the best companies in the world

Our comprehensive financial planning services include:

Investment Management

Tax Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Risk Management

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Estate Planning

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