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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect if we work together? 

Our job is to be the "easy button" for our clients. We serve as a single point of contact for all their financial needs. We operate as an independent registered investment advisor, allowing us the freedom to suggest tailored solutions without ties to specific proprietary products or strategies larger firms might have. Our firm ethos is to uphold our fiduciary responsibility by prioritizing client interests over our personal gain.   

While based in central Illinois, our services extend nationwide, connecting with clients remotely across the United States. We also provide a wealth of educational resources through weekly emails, videos, and occasional workshops in order to keep you educated and informed. 

2. How do you get paid? 

Option 1: Do it For Me Comprehensive Wealth Management. We implement and invest on your behalf. We charge a fee based on the value of the investments we manage for you, withdrawn directly from the account:

—1% on the first $1,000,000
—0.75% between $1,000,000 and $4,000,000
—0.50% on amounts above $4,000,000

Our fee for households under $500,000 is 1.5%

This structure ensures our interests are aligned with yours – we do better when you do better. 

Option 2: Advice Only. For those who prefer to manage investments themselves. 
First month = $2,000 | Then $750 per month 

3. What will you do for me? 

  • Transform your investment nest egg into a dependable, tax-efficient retirement income source.
  • Minimize your taxes and allow you to retain more of your money. 
  • In addition to tax planning, we also provide tax preparation and filing services for most clients.
  • Lower investment risk while achieving relative, robust, inflation-adjusted returns. 
  • Provide your family, spouse, or heirs with a reliable professional support system in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • And provide all the essential elements required to instill a sense of peace (and optimism) regarding your financial prospects.

4. How are you different from other financial advisors?

Our sole focus is on retirement planning. As specialists in tax-efficient retirement income, our primary aim is to ensure your financial security and maximize your resources. Recognizing the challenge of distinguishing between advisors, we provide a free retirement assessment precisely for this reason.

In our field, many of us share comparable titles, certifications, and collaborate with similar vendors and third-party custodians. Navigating through these similarities to find the ideal advisor for your needs can indeed be a daunting task. And while there are many firms that do comprehensive work similar to ours, there are many that are more like wolves in sheep's clothing! 

5. Where would my investments be held and how could I see them? 

A fundamental goal of ours is to deliver an exceptional client experience. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with top-tier custodians, enabling us to do our best work for you. Altruist stands out as a cutting-edge custodian, offering state-of-the-art financial technology. Their platform enhances our efficiency and lowers expenses, empowering us to offer you the highest level of service. They also provide an experience our clients find intuitive and user friendly. 

For details and to feel good about your money, please see: Altruist.

And: Altruist Security and Insurance Disclosures.

Client accounts can be viewed at any time at: altruist.com/login