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Fees Vs. Value | Investment Management | Asset Allocation | Financial Planning

Are You Receiving Value?

Let's talk  a little bit about fees verses value in the financial industry.  Similar to the medical profession, many people often have no idea what they're paying when it comes to their finances. In the medical field, you just go in, do whatever they say and then you get the bill later whatever it may be. Don't feel bad when you get your bills  and you can't figure out what you're paying, it can be very confusing.

In a recent portfolio review I conducted, the annual fees were over two and a half, almost almost three percent all-in on an annual basis for this particular portfolio. That's almost three times almost 2 whole percent higher than what we charge on an annual basis!

High-Value Option

When we're buying something most of us pay attention how much it cost, right. You  might know some people who don't pay attention but most of us do. Whether you're buying a car, home or just buying groceries we don't always go with the cheapest brand or the cheapest car,  we're trying to find the best value for what we want, for what we need. The sweet spot, right.  

This is the area that we occupy at Eagle Ridge Wealth Advisors. We're not trying to be the cheapest, low-cost, robo-advisor option or the phone-center option, we're the high-value option and we believe that the value that we provide far exceeds the cost.  

We also try to help you understand what you're paying for. Every investment has a cost even if you don't realize you're paying it. Examples here are certain types of insurance, mutual funds, mutual fund classes, ETF's, also know as exchange-traded funds. 12B1 fees, which are fees for advertising mutual funds. It's amazing they still charge these fees but some do and I've seen it quite a bit lately, unfortunately. And last but not least annuities. Some annuities are notorious for being a black-box or having fees that are extremely hard to determine. 

There's many kinds of costs but they all have one thing in common, if the money is going somewhere else, it's not going to you. 

We've found that we can construct portfolios for most everyone to help them achieve their goals using lower-cost options as opposed to the higher-cost options that usually eat into returns over time. We've also found that we're able to  leverage the latest technologies and networks  we're involved with  to provide high-value options for our  clients at very reasonable costs. 

We are capitalist and we certainly believe in being paid for what we do but we believe our incentives should be aligned with our clients to full extent possible. We have a transparent fee structure and we have no hidden fees, no black-box commissions to try to figure out and no hard sales. 

Second Opinion on Investments

If you would like to have a second opinion on your financial plan or your portfolio, I would be more than happy to help you figure your current costs and help you determine if you're receiving the value you should be.  

Simply reach out through our website, send us an email or schedule a call and we'll be more than happy to show you where we might be able to add value.  

Reach out to us today to discuss your value!

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